Cyclist's Amazing Recovery Inspires Us All

Cyclist's Amazing Recovery Inspires Us All

Sponsored athlete Kaitlyn Boyle went from a hospital bed to a bike in 12 short weeks following a devastating car accident.

If you have ever been blessed to meet Kaitlyn, the word inspirational is an understatement. She makes you believe you can accomplish anything you set your mind to. She proved it to us time and time again over the years through cycling, but her latest accomplishment has truly inspired all of us at ESI Grips. Her dedication to everything she sets her mind to is astounding. Her injuries that would of been catastrophic to anyone else were never going to slow her down.

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Only a couple of months after accomplishing an amazing victory at the 24 hour World Championships in Scotland, Kaitlyn soon faced her greatest battle after being in a horrible car accident in December 2018. Her accident left her in a hospital bed with external rods stabilizing her pelvis and a long road of recovery ahead.

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What would have been a soul crushing journey for most of us, Kaitlyn took head-on with positivity and awe inspiring motivation. It shouldn't have surprised us that she was back on her bike the month after her surgery!

Here is what Kaitlyn updated her supporters with this week on her GoFundMe page (which raised over the set $15,000 goal): "After my accident I was in the hospital for 9 days. I left Jan 2nd non weight bearing on both legs, in a wheelchair, with an external fixator stabilizing my pelvis, screws permanently in my sacrum, and a catheter to heal my bladder. I was then in a wheelchair for 5.5 weeks. During that time my bladder healed and the catheter that was in for 3 weeks was removed. Out of the wheelchair I was on crutches for 4 weeks, weight bearing only on my right leg. 


My external fixator was removed March 6th, after 10 weeks of it stabilizing my pelvis. For the following 2 weeks I weaned off crutches to a cane, and then this last Wednesday, March 20, I reached full weight bearing on my legs and walked on my own!

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Amazingly, just three weeks after my surgery I got on my bike inside on a trainer. In addition to doing PT everyday, I've been pedaling on the trainer nearly everyday. I've worked up from 15 minutes to spending an hour a day on the bike. Yesterday, March 23, I rode my bike outside for the first time - 12 weeks post op! It was the best day ever."

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Kaitlyn continues to bring light to our lives and we can't wait to see what she will accomplish next. To keep up to date on Kaitlyn's recovery you can follow her updates on GoFundMe and on her Facebook Page.