ESI Grips Proudly Sponsors 2019 Javelina Stampede

ESI Grips Proudly Sponsors 2019 Javelina Stampede

Join ESI Grips in Prescott, June 1st, for the awesomely fun Javelina Stampede! 

javelina stampede

Created and organized by ESI Grips employee Ron Hart, the Javelina Stampede incorporates the beauty of Prescott with the amazing trails in our local area.

Ron says "While the first Javelina Stampede in 2017 was only a short-track race, in 2018 a second day was added to include a 22-mile cross country event. By combining the beautiful surroundings of the Emmanuel Pines Camp with the newly adopted and re-designed trails in The Prescott National Forest, I believe this will be a very fun and memorable race for everyone. This year the course is 1 lap 22 miles in length, encompassing both the new Spence Basin Trails as well as many of the very popular Thumb Butte Trails."

To join us for an awesome event, register at

See you there!