ESI Grips Proudly Supports DSS to #GetMoreWomenRiding

ESI Grips Proudly Supports DSS to #GetMoreWomenRiding

ESI Grips proudly sponsors Dirt Side Sisters, a non-profit who builds confidence in women cyclists with education, clinics & a community of support & friendship.

Here's more information on the amazing non-profit:

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Dirt Side Sisters is an education based women’s mountain bike group serving the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. We are also a registered 501c3 non-profit organization. Our mission is to create a gateway to #getmorewomenriding mountain bikes confidently by increasing their skills and building community around them. Throughout the year we hold anywhere from four to five skills clinics as well as a handful of maintenance clinics. From March until October DSS organizes education based women’s group rides three times a month led by our certified PMBIA instructors, also known as our Support Crew. We’ve utilized the resources and tools from our sponsors to grow our local community of women cyclists and get even more NEW RIDERS on bikes, so that we can create a healthier world and change the face of the bike industry with a greater female presence.

Although we have an annual membership, we always invite folks to participate in one of our group rides before deciding they want to become a member of Dirt Side Sisters. All of our rides are FREE to join in on, and if they like what they see and how our organization is run, they can go to our website to join. Their membership helps us continue doing what we’re doing to get more women riding, and in turn they get to take advantage of all the membership perks that we’ve put together for them! All of our maintenance clinics are FREE with an annual membership in addition to our Rock Solid Mountain Bike Foundations Skills Clinic. Every single week during our season we average anywhere from 25-35 women on our group rides, ages 16-60+. In 2018, 33 women who had never mountain biked before, participated in our Borrow-A-Bike Program! In a sense, it’s like we are starting our own new generation of cyclists and building our community from the ground up with our first time riders. We’re excited to see what the future holds and extremely thankful for the amazing support ESI Grips has given us from day one of starting this journey!

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