Sponsored Athlete Alexey Recaps the Fun Madness of the 24HOP

The 24 Hours of Old Pueblo is a notoriously fun and trialing event that draws riders and spectators from around the world!

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You can read all about ESI Grips sponsored rider Alexey Vermeulen's experience here but this sums up the event and about his amazing experience in our home state of Arizona!

"Going into 24 Hours Old Pueblo I wondered to myself how does a race in the middle of the desert, without prize money, sell out in a matter of hours? Over the weekend I saw why. It’s a group of 4000 people living as we all should in daily life. Respecting each other as well as our planet. Crashed riders were helped without being blamed for ‘impeding the race’ (yes this happens), zero fights broke out, and no trash was left anywhere in the town. People recycled, and the Ranch where the course is set continually invites the race back because of this exactly – leave no trace."

Watch the full recap of his four-man-team's experience at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xPqQtIKZlT4&t=58s