Recommended for grip shift and riders looking for the best shock absorbing grip in the industry!

  • 60 Grams
  • Standard Grip Length – 5 1/8″
  • 32mm
  • Weight plus or minus 5%
  • Made for 22mm bars (can fit applications down to 19mm)
  • Bar Plugs included
  • *Install Bar Plugs first for the protection of grips and ease of installation

* Colors may vary from screen to screen. NOTE: Our Black is a dark charcoal gray.



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Weight 0.4375 lbs

Aqua, Black, Blue, Gray, Green, Orange, Purple, Red, White, Yellow

30 reviews for Chunky

  1. Anonymous

    Members of our team have continued using ESI grips over the years for the obvious reasons. They're affordable, comfortable, low weight and definitely withstand the punishments these kids put them through. ESI grips allow the riders to be creative as individuals, or as a team with the many color options you're able to choose from. A tried and true product, great people, Bear Development is stoked to be joining forces with ESI grips for the 2017 season!

  2. Anonymous

    When I ride I don't want to have to worry about my hands going numb. These grips provide the perfect amount of chunkyness needed for my long MTB rides. I am so glad I found the perfect pair for me!

  3. Anonymous

    I have been using ESI grips since I began mountain biking a year and a half ago. I tend to use the chunky ones in black as they aesthetically complete my bike. They offer extreme comfort even during long 6 hour races. Not only is the comfort outstanding, the grip is phenomenal and still work great without gloves. Even better is that they come in several different colors which makes it possible to keep that all important color scheme in check. Highly recommend!

  4. Anonymous

    I just rode 67 miles with 10,000ft of climbing in 7 hours and 49 mins offroad in Cloudcroft,NM using these grips. My hands thanked me for it. No numbness, no blisters. I have been using these grips for 3 years now and love them. I wouldn't use anything else. I like the fact that I can ride without gloves for hours with no issues. Go get ya some!

  5. Anonymous

    By far the best grips I've ever used in the durability and comfort aspect. Riding over a thousand miles in the Alaskan mountains and racing and an entire season on a single set of grips is amazing to me and still as comfortable as they were from day one.

  6. Anonymous

    The ESI Grips Chunky is the perfect grip for aggressive XC Racing with its supreme grip and durability, as well as comfort. Perfect thickness once mounted to the bar for a comfortable and secure grip to handle your bike superbly. 100% Recommended

  7. Anonymous

    I have been using the Chunky ESI grips for the last 4 years and will never use another grip. My hands used to get numb on l Great grips and a great company!

  8. Anonymous

    ESI grips offer unparalleled comfort and control, the best of both worlds. . I've been competing on ESI grips for 3 years now and they are better than any other grip I've tried in 15 years of competing. Never suffer from numb hands again

  9. Anonymous

    Best grips on the market. Tacky, lightweight, comfortable and they look amazing!

  10. Anonymous

    Best c a breeze. Love these grips!

  11. Anonymous

    ESI Chunky's is always the first thing I do when I get a new bike! the grips are comfortable, and grip like crazy!!

  12. Anonymous

    I rode these grips for about 2 years then my bike got stolen and they were amazing and i cant wait ti get some more. I would defiantly recommend these to every rider.

  13. Anonymous

    The esi grips are the best of both worlds. you get the incredibly lightweight silicone material, and the the most grip on your bars at all times. I personally like the chunky grips because they are the median of racers edge, and the extra chunky, which is the perfect combination of both.

  14. Anonymous

    ESI grips are perfect for me. The smooth soft surface doesn't create any hot spots (numbness), they wear evenly and remain grippy 'till the bitter bitter end. Even in the rain! If that wasn't enough, the vast array of color choices allows me to mix things up from time to time. Red this year, blue next year… or do I want to do custom color combos? The choices are endless!

  15. Anonymous

    If your searching for a great "glove free" grip look no further! These offer plenty of tackiness, and outstanding comfort. They are also a easy way to give that personal touch when doing custom grips.

  16. Anonymous

    I use esi grips because they offer superior comfort, grip and durability. Esi offers me the highest quality and value.

  17. Anonymous

    I race with ESI grips on my mountain bike for all the 6 and 24 hour races I do. I have great grip while sweating in the hot sun and in the pouring down rain and never any numbness or blisters. Plus I love all the color options!

  18. Anonymous

    These are my favorite grips! Any time I get a bike, the first thing I do is switch to esi chunky grips. They absorb shock, are really lightweight, and don't give my hands blisters like other rubber grips do. I'll never go away from silicone grips- thank you!

  19. Anonymous

    The Esi chunky grips that I purchased have been the best grips I have ridden. Esi grips are extremely comfortable and have reduced all arm pump I have had in past compared to other brands. I recommend esi grips to all riders.

  20. Anonymous

    I love my chunky's. I've been running these for a year now and would not change them out for anything. These are super comfy and no more hand pain on long rides. Light weight and soft what else could you ask for!

  21. Anonymous

    I have ridden Esi's since my first season mountain biking. Personally I love the chuncky grips for XC, Enduro and even DH because they offer a comfortable soft ride, while being able to feel the bar and movement of the bike extraordinarily well. Excelent job ESI!

  22. Anonymous

    Hands down the best grips on the market.

  23. Anonymous

    If it is performance you seek, in a lightweight XC grip, with a hint of style, look no further than the ESI line of grips… ESI Grips are the only choice for the ID Angel/ McCarty Racing Team!

  24. Anonymous

    I think the chunky grips are perfect for xc racing and riding. They are lightweight, comfortable, and look great.

  25. Kyle Little

    Best grips I have ever used! These grips got me though a 100 mile mtb race with over 12,000 feet of vertical! After 14 hours and 55 minutes without gloves, my hands were just as comfy at the finish as they were at the start. (and there was a thunderstorm for a few hours somewhere in the middle)

  26. Laura Leaton

    These are the only grips I use! Perfect for xc, trail, and everything in between! Very comfortable, never slip, and surprisingly tactile even with the smooth surface.

  27. Tom Hellmann

    Best grips out there! Easy to install. Great grip. Stays put, no throttling. Huge selection of colors plus bar end plugs to add some bling to any bike. Get some!

  28. Chris Mehlman

    I love the Chunky grips for XC racing and general trail riding! They help me to feel more solidly attached to and planted on my bike, and I have confidence that I will be able to have grip in all situations. Additionally, ESI grips come in a wide variety of cool colors!

  29. A.D.

    I've ridden on ESI grips for 7+ years. A few years back, I had two herniated discs. The Chunky's let me ride with a greatly reduced amount of pain while I PT'd recovery.

  30. Sp Carver

    Most comfortable grips on the market: First a disclosure: I have a c. For years I struggled with a few bad crashes and many near misses because I had a hard time holding the right side of my right handlebar due to the nerve pain from vibrations. I finally tried ESI Chunky grips and it changed my riding experience. The softness and feel of the ESI grips completely solved the issues I felt with so many other grips and the constant vibration issue. If I crash now it's because I'm pushing my limits…not because I can't hold the handlebar. Best grips I've ever used. -SP Carver

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