Cycling Community Mourns Together as We #RideForTate

Cycling Community Mourns Together as We #RideForTate

An inspiring and devoted cyclist and friend, Tate Meintjes, has tragically passed away far too early.

Our cycling community has been shaken by the loss of such a young and talented athlete and friend. We were blessed to know Tate through Bear Development Team and have watched him succeed at events throughout his cycling career. There are some smiles and souls that you never forget and Tate was just that. All of us are truly heartbroken for Tate's family, friends and teammates who were both to Tate. We are mourning with you and will #RideForTate

Cycling Community Mourns Together as We Ride For Tate

Bear Development Team expressed what we are all feeling in the most beautiful way by saying:

Our beautiful, kind, thoughtful & playful teammate Tate Meintjes passed away yesterday. We are heartbroken, devastated, and overwhelmed with emotions.

Tate was one of the good ones. A young man that always had a smile on his face, went out of his way to touch base with friends, and took time out of his crazy school and racing schedule to teach others about the sport he loved. 

He grew up skiing, kayaking, hiking, playing soccer, and cycling in Reno, NV. In the wintertime, Tate taught skiing & snowboarding lessons to kids at a local ski resort. During the cycling season, Tate absolutely crushed it on the bike, participated in teaching local skills clinics, stayed focused at school, and spent time with friends & family. Tate always had his priorities straight, he was always improving & growing, on and off the bike, helping others, and sharing his love.

Cycling Community Mourns Together as We Ride For Tate

He was raised by two incredible parents that were always supportive and loving. The two of them, and Tate’s step-mother, have been a huge part of our Bear family over the years helping during race weekends and being there for Tate’s teammates. His brother, also a cyclist, was his bestie and friends of Tate’s teammates as well. We don't want to accept that his life has come to an end; his strong and playful spirit will always be with us. Please join us in the hashtag #RideForTate to honor our memories of him. 

We love you, Tate. Rest in peace. ❤️

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