Chase Kulseth and Eric Osborne

ESI Athletes Fundraise for Adaptive Bikes with Pedal with a Purpose at Papago!

ESI Grips sponsored athletes Erin Osborne and Chase Kulseth will be fundraising for children in need of adaptive bikes with Pedal with a Purpose at Papago! Sign up to sponsor an athlete per lap they complete or donate to support their cause here 

"Join our Autism Awareness Event and fundraiser featuring Chase Kulseth, VR7 and athletes around Arizona (in their super awesome VR7 Autism Awareness kits!) as we raise money to provide adaptive bikes and trikes to kids from Children's Clinic in Tucson!

Currently, there are 5 kids WAITING for adaptive bikes. Let's raise awareness about individuals with autism and get more kids on bikes!

There are 3 ways you can participate:

1. Ride/race the 6 Hours in Papago:

2. Come by the VR7 Autism Awareness Tent at Papago on Saturday, January 28th and show your support.

3. "Sponsor" a rider -- per lap or lump sum! Sign up here:

Anything and everything is appreciated!

3 Facts about Autism:

Did you know?

1. Autism has many "looks" -- just because the person with autism doesn't make eye contact, doesn't mean they aren't listening!

2. Kids on the autism spectrum can do anything they set their minds to!

3. Autism is a spectrum disorder -- there are multiple levels from low to high functioning (Asperger's)! No two people with autism are alike!

Athletes Participating: Chase Kulseth, Brent Kulseth, Jody Bartz, Erin Osborne, and Bryan Staub are in! Who ELSE will join us and ride?

Erin, Jody, and VR7 Cycling Apparel"

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