Limited Edition of BART Magazine Released for 25th Anniversary of MTB Becoming Olympic Sport!

Limited Edition of BART Magazine Released for 25th Anniversary of MTB Becoming Olympic Sport!

Exactly 25 days before the start of the Olympic Games in Tokyo, the first editions of BART Magazine were officially handed out at Papendal, the Dutch National Olympic Centre.

This year we celebrate that Mountainbiking became an Olympic sport 25 years ago! Atlanta 1996-Tokyo 202(1)

BART Magazine is a Limited Edition Magazine published by ‘former’ mountain biker Bart Brentjens to celebrate mountain bike became an Olympic sport exactly 25 years ago.

Bart also celebrates 25 years of mountain bike GOLD!

Dutchman Bart Brentjens won the first Olympic Gold mountain bike medal in history in Atlanta USA in 1996.

This unique Magazine reflects on the development of mountain bike sport in recent years, Bart’s ‘mountain bike route’ and much more!

Leo van Zeeland (Dutch National Olympic coach Mountainbike 1996, 2000, 2004, 2008) Bart Brentjens, Bart’s father Lau Brentjens.


This afternoon, where else than in the Olympic heart of the Netherlands, Bart presented the first editions of BART Magazine to his father Lau Brentjens and to the first Olympic KNWU Mountain Bike National Coach, Leo van Zeeland.

Bart Brentjens, Mountainbike Gold in Atlanta 1996 and Mountainbike Bronze in Athens 2004:

“It’s great to see how many people enjoy mountain biking these days! The mountain bike sport has undergone enormous development. In 1996 mountain biking was a very international sport, but quite ‘new’ in the Netherlands. Mountain biking is now also very popular in the Netherlands. On international level the Netherlands is doing very well in professional mountain biking.

I am looking forward to the Olympic MTB races on July 26 (Men) and 27 (Women) in Tokyo, where the Netherlands will start with a strong delegation!

I am delighted to be able to celebrate ‘25 years of Olympic Mountain Biking and 25 years of Olympic Gold’ here at Papendal today with the presentation of BART Magazine to my father, who has always been there for me together with my mother Leonie.

It is extremely important for every athlete that there is a home that stimulates you, is always there for you ‘no matter what’ and helps you with your development!

Also Leo van Zeeland, with whom I experienced the Olympic adventure in Atlanta 1996, I am happy to offer him a first copy of BART Magazine today.

Leo has meant a lot for the development of mountain biking in the Netherlands and has given me a lot of confidence in the route I walked in the run-up to the Games in Atlanta 1996.

Only together we can make ‘Golden moments’ and achieve unique performances.”


BART Magazine can easily be ordered online via and is bilingual (Dutch/English) given the international character of the sport!

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