Renaissance Cyclist Gives an Update on their Amazing Travels

Renaissance Cyclist Gives an Update on their Amazing Travels

ESI Grips sponsored riders and avid adventures cyclists, Leialoha & Cameron, share on their adventures of 2018 and their future trip to Cuba.

Renaissance Cyclist bikepack the world on their tandem bike while inspiring cyclists around the world! Here's what they are up to:

Daily life has been shaped around preparation for a month of bikepacking in Cuba. Besides pouring over the logistics of travel- routes, food/water, lodging/camping, language barriers, etc.- this also means that we are each working as much as possible, on opposite schedules. Luckily there is a healthy network of amazing local trails so lately you'll find us in town, though we have been able to sneak away several times to recharge in the mountains. Last month we revisited one of the first trails we ever bikepacked, in Seward Alaska. The trip once again proved both mentally and physically challenging; trail damage led to unexpected water crossings, plenteous hike-a-bike, and midnight scrambles over stately fallen trees. With five additional years of serious riding under my fanny pack, the trip reminded me that I am not alone in my struggle, some obstacles will be a challenge no matter how much time spent in the saddle. We love the challenges though, the moments that test and the growth that least in hindsight. That's our favorite, Type II fun.

 Renaissance Cyclist Gives an Update on their Amazing Travels

With 2019 looming, I find myself reflecting on the year past while planning the new one, which promises to be full of bicycles, love, and new places (and hopefully fewer surgeries and hospital visits for each of us). We are so grateful to be able to do what we love, to experience life by bike, and to share our story.

Cheers to a fantastic 2019,

Leialoha & Cameron

To follow Renaissance Cyclist on their amazing adventures, check out their blog here. 

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