ESI Grips Gift Shopping Guide

ESI Grips Gift Shopping Guide

Give the gift of comfort this year! Grips are an easy and inexpensive way to upgrade any bike and make your cycling experience more enjoyable! Our grips can be installed on handlebars for the entire family. While created for a 22mm bar, our grips can fit applications down to 19mm.


🤷‍♂️ Which grips are best??🤷‍♀️


For small hands, we recommend our Racer's Edge Model.


For the everyday cyclist, we recommend our most popular grip Chunky.


For the rider with extra large hands, we recommend Extra Chunky.


For the new Ebike Rider or Novice Cruiser, we recommend our new Plush Grips!


For the Downhiller or Enduro rider, we recommend Racer's Edge or Chunky!


For the Bikepacker or rider with extra long bars, try our XL and XXL grips!


For the Road, Cyclocross or Gravel rider they will love our vibration dampening RCT Wrap!


For the Racer in your life, they probably already have a favorite and you should just ask what they want 😜 They also may really like our pristine line of ergonomic FIT Grips! We offer them in FIT CR, FIT XC and FIT SG.


No matter the model you choose, Silicone is a great shock absorbing and long lasting grip that will add value and comfort to any handlebar you choose! For an easy installation, watch this short video and enjoy your new grips!

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