ESI Grips Releases Three New Models of Grips

ESI Grips Releases Three New Models of Grips

ESI Grips has launched three all new models of their world-renowned Silicone Bicycle Grips!

The Ribbed Chunky and Ribbed Extra Chunky build upon the already comfortable Chunky and Extra Chunky; ESI’s most popular models. The new models feature 8 deep ribs that offer optimal grip and shock absorption. Ribbed offers a new, grippier feel compared to the standard version with lifted structures in 8 places offering more traction to an already tacky grip. The Chunky version measures at 32mm installed diameter while the Extra Chunky measures at 34mm.

Of the three new grips, Fatty’s are the plushest and thickest grip that ESI will offer at 35mm. The Fatty's feature 8 soft pillows that add cushion and comfort to any bike. With similar grooves to the Ribbed, the Fatty's grooves are less prominent and softer to the touch. This is the grip if you are looking for optimum cushion and shock absorption.

Made from ESI’s race proven silicone compound, all new models provide excellent vibration damping, shock absorption, durability with a tacky feel that remains grippy in all weather conditions.

Available now at and shipping to stores worldwide.



Ribbed Chunky $19.99

Ribbed Extra Chunky $23.99

Fatty’s $24.99

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